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Chantal Mukandoli

Chantal Mukandoli is originally from Rwanda and has been living in Toronto, Canada for 17 years and living with HIV for 27 years.

She has a diploma in Anatomy; Human Science, and Mathematics. She currently volunteers as a Peer Ambassador Navigator in HIV self-testing. Chantel is a consultant in practice for the GIPA/MIMEPA principal and has community experience in HIV Stigma, ART HIV medication, and Education for HIV Prevention.

She is a spoken word performer with a specific message about and for those with HIV, and or newcomers to Canada who could face discrimination. “ I am honored to be involved in the speaker’s bureau to educate people, especially in the ACB Community, (Francophone, Anglophone) to teach directly on Anti-Black racism.” She serves on the steering committee of the Stigma Index at OHTN, and co-chairs ICWNA (International Community of Women Living with HIV in North America, Canada).

Chantel is a member of ISC the (International Steering Committee) and the advising committee for the Ontario Women Working Group at WHAI. Chantel also sits on the advisory committee of ViiV for the aging ACB community. In her other community experience, she trains and supports people living with HIV in the LGBTQ+ community to fight mental health stigma and discrimination.

She is a coach and mentor for several other organizations that fight HIV/AIDS and that distribute health communication about COVID-19 Vaccine and Prevention.

Chantal Mukandoli
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