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Miosha Askin

Miosha Askin

Office Manager

Miosha Askin, with over 14 years of invaluable management experience in healthcare management, administration, and customer service, assumes the role of Office Manager at SisterLove. Her seasoned professional history spans across various sectors including healthcare, hospice care, and pharmacy, where she served in roles closely aligning with her current position.

Her responsibilities are vast and significant to the organization's smooth running, incorporating elements of administration, operations, and interaction with the public.

She will support scheduling appointments for the mobile health clinic, ensuring that health services are efficiently organized. Additionally, Miosha will be responsible for scheduling meetings and appointments within the office, ensuring that our team works cohesively and communicates effectively.

As an integral part of her role, she will be organizing the office layout and managing all orders for supplies and equipment for the organization. Miosha will be tasked with creating and maintaining a system to monitor inventory between both locations, guaranteeing optimal resource allocation and operational efficiency.

Her duties also extend to maintaining the office condition, arranging necessary repairs for all properties, and handling telephone inquiries at the LoveHouse and from select Spectrum VOIP numbers. This ensures that the physical work environment remains conducive and that public queries are addressed promptly and professionally.

Miosha will serve as the point person for the SLI intern, volunteer, and community service initiatives. As part of her early tasks, she will be organizing our intern program in anticipation of the upcoming busy summer.

She will fulfill her responsibilities from the LoveHouse, which will benefit immensely from her organizational skills and management expertise.

Outside her professional life, Miosha cherishes her family role as a married woman, the mother of four daughters, a bonus daughter, and a proud grandmother to one granddaughter.

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